Saint Croix lies at 17°45′N 64°45′W; the easternmost point in the United States. The island has an area of 214.66 km2 (82.88 sq mi). The terrain is rugged, though not extremely so. The highest point on the island, Mount Eagle, is 1,165 feet (355 m) high. 

The whole island is fully developed, with custom made buildings, vegetation, true to life reefs, waters, and detailed imagery that covers every corner of the island. Excellent depiction of both main cities, Frederiksted & Christiansted, including the cruise dock, main streets with accurately depicted buildings. Additionally, the town of Christiansted with a fully operational seaplane base, the refinery next to the airport, and much much more. TISX is fully developed, with custom ground texturing, HD buildings throughout, lush grass ground coverage, detailed departure check-in areas, cargo areas, and many hangars.

High fidelity apron service and support vehicles.

Enhanced custom made hand-placed surrounding autogen.

Thousands of hand-placed custom trees and lush 3D grass.

214.66 km2  coverage of the entire island.

Tested and approved by real-life airline pilots and flight simulator enthusiasts.

United States Virgin Islands, St. Croix. TISX


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